Teenagers And Car Accident Statistics  

Teenagers are the most affected victims in the car crashes in the US out of which almost 36% of the cases finally end up in death. Surprisingly, among 12 percent of the fatal death reports during car crashes, teenagers account for almost 10 percent!

It is estimated that about 5 thousand teenagers in the age bracket of 16 – 20 die every year, while about four hundred thousand youth suffer from serious injuries.

The risk of a car crash accident is four times higher among teenagers than any other age group costing the nation about 25 billion dollars annually. The probability of male drivers meeting with car accidents is more than females. Also, new drivers are much more prone to fatal accidents than teenagers who have some experience in driving. Surprisingly, if the number of male passengers is higher in the car, the likelihood of a car crash increases.

Reports state that most of the accidents occur due to the careless attitude of the teenagers as they do not rightly judge emergency situations. They tend to drive faster than recommended without wearing seat belts. Also, the use of cell phones while driving largely increases the risk as the youth is highly distracted while texting or attending to calls. This results in overlooking road signs, traffic lights or even the vehicles coming in the opposite direction!

About 38 percent of the fatal cases occur in the age groups of 15 – 20 due to high speed driving while drunken driving accounts to about 24 percent of the accident victims. The accident rates are higher during weekends, in the evenings or around midnight.

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Teenagers And Car Accident Statistics



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