Slip And Fall Accident Facts

Slip And Fall Accident Facts

Slip and fall accidents are second on the list of accidents, right after the car accidents. The reports of slip and fall show that an increasing number of people in restaurants, hotels, motels, fitness centers and various other public buildings fall prey to such type of accidents.

Here are some facts about slip and fall accidents that you will find quite interesting.

To fight for slip and fall case, the average cost is above $50,000 and total judgment's cost would be over $100,000.

Reports by OSHA, ADA and other accepted industry agencies show that most of the tile floors, bathtubs and showers can be categorized as either dangerous or very dangerous. Such astounding results have put the management and the loss control specialists into a fix and busy in obtaining an appropriate solutions.

A total of about 20,000 accidents occur each year in the US which implies 55 cases per day. More than 540,000 injuries related to slip and fall need immediate hospital care in the US every year. Another interesting fact about slip and fall accident is that it accounts for more than 300,000 injuries leading to disability.

Among senior citizens, one in three bone breaking incidents lead to death within a year of the accident. It has been noticed that construction workers and other types of workers are more prone to these accidents as compared to the combined accidents in total.

In hotels, restaurants and other public places slip and fall cases are the main reason of accidents. Almost 70 percent of the accidents happen in the flat and leveled places.

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Slip And Fall Accident Facts
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