Causes of Dizziness in the Elderly  

Causes of Dizziness in the Elderly        Dizziness is a state of feeling unsteady, light in the head, near fainting, weakness or a sense of floating or swimming which can occur in any age .The frequent recurrence in seniors disturbs their normal routine.

       By itself, dizziness does not imply an inherent medical condition. It is a symptom of something abnormal in the body. When accompanied by other symptoms like headaches, vision becoming blurry, sudden loss of hearing, slurring in speech, stiffness in the neck, or difficulty during walking, dizziness is a cause for concern. Situations like pain in the chest, high fever, injury in the head or weakness in legs accompanied by dizziness calls for immediate medical attention. More...

Dental Insurance Plans for Seniors

Dental Insurance Plans for Seniors      Aging brings along problems in oral health too. Investing in dental insurance plans will ensure routine check-ups, good dental care and timely help in case of any complication. Periodical premiums like in a normal insurance will take care of payments in times of need. Some such plans for dental insurance include:

AARP (The American Association of Retired Person) plan: This non-profitable organization offers:

  1. Delta PPO Dental plan which permits the individual to choose the provider and dentist. Major share of treatment cost will be made by the provider while a small share is borne by the individual. More...





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