Fashion Of The Eighties  

      The 1980s can be aptly termed as the decade of excess. This is simply because everybody wanted to have everything big. People during this time were more inclined to display their wealth in the form of clothes, hairstyles, watches and even jewelry.

      During this period, the younger generation was immensely influenced by celebrities from the film and music industry. Madonna and Michael Jackson were the most famous characters during this period. Both these singers had a tremendous influence on the fashion of the eighties.

       In 1980s, both men and women began wearing loose shirts and tight close fitting pants. Conservative teenagers in the United States began practicing a clothing style that came to be later known as “Preppy fashion”. Acid-washed jeans and denim jackets were highly popular during this period.

       1980s were the period when big and eccentric hairstyles were highly preferred. The most popular haircut that symbolized the entire 1980s was the mullet haircut. Mullets were mostly popular in suburban and rural areas among working class men. Business professionals still preferred a conservative look with neatly groomed short hair for men and straight hair for women. Another popular hairstyle during 1980s was the jerry curl, a wet curly hairstyle preferred in the African-American community. Women preferred long hairstyles laced with various colors.


        1980s witnessed the emergence of some unique trends in footwear that are even prevalent today. Athletic shoes and basketball shoes that were earlier used as a casual wear became a highly priced fashionable item. Sneakers and high-tops became highly popular during this period. This decade saw the emergence of see-through plastic shoes that gave intense competition to high-heeled stilettos.

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Fashion Of The Eighties




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