How Much Does Cremation Cost ?

How Much Does Cremation Cost ?

Cremation is perhaps the cheapest available option today than compared to burial. A burial has become as elaborate affair as a wedding or any other important occasion. There is no doubt that even funeral is an important occasion but everything that goes into the funeral is too expensive for a normal person to afford these days.

Starting from the casket you want to go for, even the funeral home and the flowers cost too much. Many people these days are choosing cremation voluntarily only because it is a cheaper option. Typically, as a comparison the cost of cremating a person is one third of the cost of the burial. One of the main reasons why a burial is so expensive because there is limited place available these days and also the burial grounds are pre-booked. Cremation simply means that you are reducing yourself into ashes and there is nothing more to it.

One of the most popular choices for cremation is that a loved would express their need to be cremated and also that their ashes be sprinkled all over their property or home. Some even like their ashes sprinkled over sea. Also, the cost of cremation mainly depends on the type of final disposition you request. However, the whole process of cremation can be complete within $3,500 and sometimes less if you just want direct cremation and nothing else. A funeral that includes burial could cost you nearly $10,000. The crematory will usually charge up to $300 for handling the remains.

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How Much Does Cremation Cost