Why Choose Cremation ?

Why Choose Cremation ?

As a Christian most people think that burial is the only option that they have. However have you ever questioned yourself why not cremation and if not for religious reasons then for practical purposes. There are several reasons why a human being should start giving cremation a thought. In fact, except for Islam which clearly prohibits cremation, Christianity does not dictate any such terms to its believers.

The Bible is neutral towards cremation and as well as burial. However, most people are governed by their religious beliefs so they should also know what their religion says about cremation. Actually Christianity does not have a say about the religion and it also does not hold back a person from practicing cremation either.

The main reason why a person should choose cremation over burial is the costs involved. By the time you choose all the facilities fro a burial like the casket, the burial ground, the funeral services and the funeral home you can expect to pay nearly $10,000 to $12,000.when you compare these costs with the normal funeral costs that is cremation then it only comes to $3,000 or a bit more which includes the fees for handling the remains.

Cremation does not require a lot of space like burial. Cremation is also considered better for the environment and spiritually it means releasing the body completely from this world. It is also environment friendly as there are no heavy caskets stored under ground. Cremation services are also quick and hygienic way of disposing the body.

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Why Choose Cremation