How Long Does Embalming Last ?

How Long Does Embalming Last ?

Today, embalming is one of the most common procedures used to preserve the body for funeral displays. The human body starts decaying within 36 hours after the person dies because bacteria start forming within the body. A person’s funeral can be held much later than that because of the embalming procedures.

Embalming was followed by the ancient Egyptians and they used to preserve the mummies using this procedure. The world has followed what the Egyptians have taught them and today embalming is used for different perspectives.

Embalming is a complicated procedure actually. However, due to the modern equipment and methodologies embalming can be done within a matter of few hours. Chemicals and herbs are introduced into the body to preserve it. The body is cut in various places and the fluids are drawn out. This is done so that bacteria do not form. Also, other chemicals are injected which do not allow bacterial growth and that is how the body is preserved.

Once all the parts of the body are secure the slits are sealed. The mummies preserved by the Egyptians have lasted for several thousands of years. However, the exact process used by them is still unknown to us. The modern embalming process can preserve the body for quite a few years and may be even a hundred years or more. Embalming, however, does not ensure that the body is preserved forever in time but the longevity is more than burials. Also, since the body is kept in caskets they may last longer.

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How Long Does Embalming Last