Embalming during the civil war - Embalming a human body - How long does embalming last?

What Is The Embalming Process ?

The embalming process is a procedure followed for a dead body so that it can be preserved. The human body starts decomposing soon after 36 hours because the body will soon lose its heat and bacteria will start forming. Once the bacteria start forming, the body will heat up again and slowly the bad smell starts coming. In order to prevent the bacteria from disintegrating the body, people follow procedures like embalming.More...

Embalming During The Civil War

Embalming During The Civil War

Embalming the dead has been an ancient process which was being followed for several hundreds of years by a few cultures in the world. The Egyptians used some very complex procedures to embalm a person's body. They used several herbs and natural chemicals to complete the process. However, the modern embalming procedures are very clean and also advanced. It does not take much time also.

During the Civil War some of the books reflected that the embalming procedure was carried out by removing all the organs from the body and then packing the empty cavities with charcoal. Then the corpse was wrapped up in a sheet and then soaked in alum. Also, some of them followed embalming by injecting acetate through the carotid artery for the preservation of the body.More...


Embalming A Human Body

Embalming A Human Body

Embalming is a process that is performed on the dead in order to preserve their body from decaying. If a body has been embalmed properly then it can be preserved for several hundreds of years.

For embalming, several herbs and oils are used. Natural chemicals are prepared for the process of embalming. One of the earliest civilizations to have followed embalming is the Egyptians. They used to use a complicated process which lasted several days for embalming. However, the modern embalming procedure is done with the use of machines and complicated equipment. Also, these days it is required that a professional do the embalming and he or she should have the expertise for it.More...


How Long Does Embalming Last ?

How Long Does Embalming Last

Today, embalming is one of the most common procedures used to preserve the body for funeral displays. The human body starts decaying within 36 hours after the person dies because bacteria start forming within the body. A person’s funeral can be held much later than that because of the embalming procedures.

Embalming was followed by the ancient Egyptians and they used to preserve the mummies using this procedure. The world has followed what the Egyptians have taught them and today embalming is used for different perspectives.More...