What Is The Mortality Rate For Colon Cancer ?

What Is The Mortality Rate For Colon Cancer ?

Cancer is one of the diseases which spells death, but also brings a lot of uncertainty into a person’s life. Being diagnosed with cancer itself is very painful knowledge to have and it actually increases the suffering of the person. Colon cancer is one of the types of cancer that affects men more than women. The exact causes of it are unknown, but the mortality rate due to the cancer has been found to be higher among men rather than women.

Men and women with colon cancer can have a life expectancy rate of five years after being diagnosed. However, if the tumor has been detected early, then the chances are that the cancer can be treated by removing the tumor. Also, in a transverse colon cancer case, the survival rate is nearly 59 percent according to a research. Overall, in the US, the survival rate for colon cancer is 62 percent. One of the main factors affecting the survival rate is the quality of the care provided to the cancer patient. Early diagnosis also increases the survival rate for such people.

Also, research proves that if the cancer has been diagnosed at an early stage then the survival rate is very much higher. However, the unfortunate truth is that there are no visible symptoms of colon cancer in its early stages and so far, if the cases have been diagnosed at an early stage, it has been merely a stroke of chance. Also, research shows that a person who leads a healthy lifestyle by following healthy diet and exercise will increase their survival rate and resistance to the cancer.

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What Is The Mortality Rate For Colon Cancer