Kids And Grandmothers  

Today, families are no longer staying in the same place. Due to better job opportunities, many families are moving away from their home towns to different places in the country, and some times to different countries altogether. This means that there are thousands of children who do not have the benefit of growing up in the presence of their grandparents.

Usually it has been seen that kids and grandmothers have a special bond. It could be the grandmother's maternal instincts or the kids need for an older woman in their lives besides their mother. Whatever the reasons, kids and grandmothers have always been known to share a unique and loving relationship. So, when families move away, kids and grandmothers suffer emotionally.

Even though in today's day and age, there are sufficient means of communicating through telephone, emails and video chatting, not being physically with a grandmother or grandkid is just not the same. Some times due to disability of the grandmothers, they cannot travel and spend as much time with the grandchildren as they would like to. This can also affect the two parties involved. And, if the separation between kids and grandmothers is due to death, then it is very difficult for the kids to cope with their grief. Here they would require all the help and support that the parents can give.

Parents should encourage their children to form a rapport and connect with their grandmothers. This will also teach the kids to respect and help other older people. Getting the kids to occasionally call their grandmother or asking the kids to go and spend some time doing certain household chores for the grandmother are part of grandmother-grandchild bonding. Parents should not grudge this. Instead they should view it favorably as the grandmother can be good role model for their kids.

The bond between kids and grandmother only gets reinforced with time if both make an effort. This relationship is too beautiful to let it die.

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Kids And Grandmothers




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