Poems For Grandparents From Grandchildren  

Grandparents mean a lot to grandchildren and they share a very special relationship and bond. Grandchildren look forward to meeting their grandparents every holiday for several reasons. More importantly they get unlimited and unquestionable love from their grandparents and never get scolded or whacked.

They get their way and get excused for several of their mistakes. It is not like they love getting pampered but they enjoy the attention and love they get from grandparents. Grandparents make children feel special and loved all the time.

However, no matter how much one tries, they can never probably return the amount of love they get from their grandparents and many children may not get enough opportunities to express their feelings. To show that you love them even when you live away from them, you can do small things that can give them seamless happiness. One of them is writing a poem for your grandparents. It can be about anything, like how you miss them, how much you love them or a special memory that you share with them. When it is grandparents' day you can simply write the poem in your own words and send it to them.

Here is a sample poem for grandparents from grandchildren:

From early in the morning,
until I go to sleep each day,
I know my grandparents love me,
in a very special way.
Sometimes it's tea and crackers,
sometimes a walk in the park,
sometimes it's just a hug when I'm scared and in the dark.
I love to hear their stories,
about the past and where they're from,
and I know their hearts are filled for me,
with never ending love.

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Poems For Grandparents From Grandchildren




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