Discounted Health Insurance For Senior Citizens  

We all know that health insurance in the United States can be quite expensive. So, just imagine the plight of senior citizens who are living on a fixed income? How expensive must health insurance be for them, especially when in their old age, they have so many complaints and ailments?

However, the good news is that there is discounted health insurance for senior citizens. This discounted health insurance for senior citizens is basically for two types. The first is known as indemnity plan while the second is managed care plans.

In the indemnity plan, a senior citizen is at the liberty of selecting his own doctor. The payment for the treatment is either completely borne by the senior citizen or he pays just a part of it until a certain specific amount. A managed care plan is slightly different wherein the senior citizen is treated by a network of healthcare professionals.

The discounted health insurance for senior citizens is definitely a boon. But these plans are not very comprehensive as they cover just specific areas of treatment like surgery, hospitalization or paying the physician. Therefore, while selection a discounted health insurance for senior citizens, it is very important that the senior citizen weigh additional benefits that he will require sooner or later. These additional benefits include prescription drugs, preventive care and vision care. It is best to compare a number of discounted health insurance for senior citizens and then taking a plan which offer the most benefits at a discounted price.

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Dicounted Health Insurance For Senior Citizens



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