Best Rates For Term Life Insurance  

Term life insurance policies offer insurance coverage for a particular time period. This policy is worth the value of money considering the coverage benefits it offers.

As per this policy, the insurance holder pays a fixed premium rate to the company for an agreed time period. At the end of this period, the premium rates and benefits are revised. In case the insurance holder dies during the policy period, the death benefits are paid to the beneficiary. The claim of a term life insurance is valid only if the events insured for occurs.

You can choose to buy this insurance policy for varying time periods.

    • Minimum 5 years: People who fall between the age group of 16-75 can opt for this time period. The minimum value for this insurance is $50,000.
    • Minimum 10 years: People who are between 20 years and 60 years can choose this option. The minimum rate for this time period is $100,000.
    • Minimum 20 years: This can be chosen by people who are in the age group of 20 and 75. The minimum amount for this time period is $100,000.
    • Mortgage life for of 20 years: This is provided to people who have any assets for mortgage. The minimum amount for this option $50,000.
          Return of Premium (ROP) for 30 years: In this case, the term life insurance offers protection for 30 years. The premium amount is initially set for 30 years after which it is revised. In addition, the return of premium feature guarantees returning the premium amount to the insured in case the individual survives after 30 years.

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Best Rates For Term Life Insurance



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