Can Estrogen Really Make Men Grow Breasts ?  

Estrogen is a hormone that is found in a woman’s body and it regulates the functioning of the sexual organs. Estrogen also plays an important role in regulating the menstrual cycle in a woman and pregnancy. Estrogen and progesterone are two hormones that play a vital role in developing female-like features like breasts and controlling hair growth in various parts of the body.

These hormones are present in everyone including men and women and actually what kind of effects it has one a person depends on the amount of it present in the body. If a man’s body produces more estrogen than required or it is in excess, then it is possible that it may promote female-like characteristics and qualities.

This also happens in women when the testosterone or adrenalin production is high they are likely to develop more men-like qualities. Similarly estrogen levels when they splurge in men can cause them to have lack of hair growth and also promote the growth of breasts in them.

However, men might possess some kind of disorder if the estrogen levels are apparently high in the body. They should get themselves tested and also seek right medical advice in order to get treated for their underlying condition. Finding abnormal levels of estrogen in a man’s body is not a normal feature and it may cause several other problems like exposing them to certain kinds of cancer. A man’s body needs very little estrogen to function and it plays a very minimal role in their day to day life.

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Can Estrogen Really Make Men Grow Breasts ?




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Can Estrogen Really Make Men Grow Breasts ? )
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