High Estrogen And Low Vitamin D  

When estrogen levels are high, a woman can be pregnant which is one of the possibilities is or it can be related to the menstrual cycle. High levels of estrogen can have many effects on the body like PMS, painful periods, headaches, cramps, mood swings, lowered sex drive, miscarriages, and weight gain.

When the estrogen levels are too much in the body they cause painful periods and also cause heavy bleeding. The heavy bleeding is called menorrhaggia and it may also symbolize a bleeding disorder. This ne a continued basis can lead to cancer and other likely diseases.

Menorrhaggia also causes vitamin D deficiency and problems with coagulation of blood in the body. When there is vitamin D deficiency, then the body absorbs less calcium which in turn causes weak bones and also increases the risk of fractures along with bone cancer. Blood coagulation can be dangerous sometimes and can lead to heart attacks due to formation of clots.

There are several medications available to control and balance the level of estrogen in the body. Also, natural foods and vitamin supplements help to control the production of estrogen and stabilize it in the body. Most women in their mid-30s do experience a surge of estrogen production in the body which causes pre-menopausal symptoms simultaneously. High estrogen levels cause many symptoms that are common like painful periods or clots in the blood. It may also cause excessive bleeding and women experience heavy periods. Some women also experience mood swings, anxiety and depression during their periods which are characterized as PMS symptoms.

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High Estrogen And Low Vitamin D




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