Iodine Effect On Estrogen  

Iodine is produced naturally by the body and it is required for many functions like coloring of the blood, clotting and healing of wounds. Iodine also regulates the production of estrogen and when the iodine levels are low in the body, it may increase estrogen levels.

Estrogen is produced by the ovaries and it is required for several functions in a woman’s body like maintaining her figure, skin tone, hair and also it is required for the normal functioning of the sexual organs. Ovaries should produce estrogen during the monthly menstrual cycle and should not otherwise unless a woman is pregnant or lactating. Iodine directly controls how much estrogen has to be produced by the body and in some cases the lack of iodine might also cause a surge in the production of the estrogen.

Iodine discrepancies are caused due to diseases like thyroid disorder and when the thyroid gland is not functioning properly, it may stop producing iodine. In such cases, people are advised to eat foods that contain more iodine and this helps to replace the lack of it in the blood.

Several foods that contain minerals like phosphate and zinc can also have iodine, which is good for the blood. When a woman is pregnant her prenatal vitamins will automatically contain iodine so that it regulates the flow of estrogen in the body. Excess or low estrogen level can harm the fetus and regular flow of iodine can easily regulate the excess estrogen in the blood while the woman is pregnant.

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Iodine Effect On Estrogen




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Iodine Effect On Estrogen )
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