Causes Night Sweats In Men  

Men also have night sweats and it is nothing new. Only men who have experienced it know that night sweats are a possibility. No matter why they occur, night sweats are unpleasant and leave the person in a state of wonder and discomfort. Some people sweat so badly that all their clothes are soaked completely.

However, it is not of serious nature and a person need not worry that it is a serious health ailment. There are several reasons why men get night sweats. If it is a rare occurrence and has not been happening on a regular basis, then the possible explanation is that the body is detoxifying and took an extreme method to do it. Sometimes, a bacterial or viral infection can do this to a person where a man sweats excessively in the night.

Some of the serious problems that are associated with night sweats can be cancer and other diseases. However, if a person is an alcoholic, then he might experience night sweats because the body starts detoxifying itself. Also, food can cause night sweats and eating food like red meat, garlic based food, onions, and excessively spicy food that can heat up the body can cause night sweats. Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is another popular disorder that can cause night sweats but only is one has had spicy food to eat in the day. The body can sometimes start sweating excessively instead of causing frequent bowel movements. Some types of neurological illnesses can have such effects on the body.

However, if it is a recurring problem, then it is best to talk with a doctor.

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Causes Night Sweats In Men




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