Dangers Of Night Sweats  

Night sweats always have been linked with the decreasing levels of estrogen in a woman’s body. However, night sweat is just an occurrence and it has no long term effects on anyone. Do night sweats get dangerous after a point? Yes, they can and they have the potential to harm a person.

Night sweats by itself cannot harm a person to a great extent. However, since sweating is a process where the body is excreting toxins and is mixing it with water, it is possible that it might cause instant dehydration. If a person sweats excessively, then the possibility is high that it can cause dehydration which is again dangerous and it can get life threatening in some cases. However, when a person is sweating in the night, they realize it instantly because of the wet feeling. When they notice that they are sweating abnormally, then they should seek medical help immediately and also aim at keeping their body hydrated by drinking plenty of water.

Some of the things one can do to avoid night sweats is to wear light clothes at night, avoid alcohol before sleeping, and also smoking. In addition, it is best not to eat spicy food before going to sleep in the night. Anything in the body that can increase the body temperature or cause it rise can lead to night sweats. Body might sweat in an attempt to cool itself down also. However, no one should tolerate excessive sweat and think it is normal. A person should take immediate remedial measures to avoid dehydration and heart attack. Some people may also lose consciousness if they sweat for too long.

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Dangers Of Night Sweats




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