How To Stop Night Sweats From Menopause  

Night sweats are perhaps one of the most common symptoms of menopause in women. A lot of women complain of this and hot flashes together. When a woman is experiencing hot flashes and also sweats profusely, it is called night sweats. The best way to avoid night sweats is to have controlled diet.

Spicy food is known to elevate night sweats in a person and also some types of herbs like garlic and onions may not suit a person who is prone to night sweats. Night sweats mainly occur due to the fluctuation of hormones like estrogen in the body. When the estrogen levels fall due to the lack of ovulation, it shows up adverse effects like night sweats.

Natural remedies have some treatments for night sweats and hot flashes. These medicines aim at regularizing the levels of estrogen in the body so that the night sweats stop. Also, you could use some home based remedies so that the night sweat episodes are minimized.

Regularize your diet and see that you watt healthy food. Eat a lot of salad which help in keeping the body cool. Leafy vegetables and ingredients like lettuce or cucumber help to keep the body cool. Even watermelon and other melons can have a cooling effect on the body. Also, when you go to sleep, make sure you wear comfortable and light clothing. Drinking sufficient water has several benefits including controlling the occurrence of night sweats in a person. One should endeavor to have at least 4 bottles of water in a day to be healthy during menopause and avert episodes of night sweats.

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How To Stop Night Sweats From Menopause




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