Free Sample Retirement Letter

          Prior to retirement, every employee has to submit his retirement letter to the organization. There are various types and forms of templates or formats available for writing retirement letters. However, all these formats are not universal and are bound to change depending on the situation of the retiree. But, there are certain general rules that one can follow while writing a retirement letter.

          A retirement letter should be properly formatted. It should be succinct and must contain information that is relevant. The language of the letter should be simple and must be written in a cordial and dignified tone. One should avoid providing any irrelevant information in the retirement letter that can result in misunderstandings. Ambiguity can result in delaying the process. The letter should be addressed to the employer or the human resource department in the organization. It is better to divide the entire letter into paragraphs with each paragraph concentrating on specific information.

          The first paragraph should have particulars of the applicant that include name of the employee, date of the letter, employee ID number, number of years in the organization, official date of retirement, forwarding address and decision to continue all the medical, dental and life insurance contributions.

          In the second paragraph, one should make it a point to acknowledge the contributions, opportunities and cooperation provided by the employer, supervisor and other co-employees during the service tenure.

          In the final paragraph, one should include the details of company assets that have been returned, repayment of dues, assurance of providing assistance to the organization whenever required and a complimentary ‘thank you’ note at the end.

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Free Sample Retirement Letter





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