Mandatory Retirement Laws

Mandatory Retirement Laws        In the US, these days it is quite common to see people choosing their own retirement date. Many people choose to retire much later in life because they are worried about their financial well-being and security. They are worried that their pension money might finish before they die. However, this does not mean that mandatory retirement is a thing of the past.

        Mandatory retirement age is the age where are person has to retire if he is holding a particular type of job. Although mandatory retirement has been abolished in the US, there are certain types of jobs that fall under the purview of mandatory retirement laws.

        There are certain jobs that are too dangerous for older people or jobs that require high physical and mental skills fall under the mandatory retirement laws. Some of these jobs are those of military personnel, fire fighters, airline pilots and police officers. In these jobs, the age of retirement is mandated and is arbitrary. Retirement is not based on an actual physical evaluation of the person. This is why many people think that mandatory retirement laws for these sorts of professions are a form of discrimination.

        In case of police officers, fire fighters and other first responders, a physical fitness test is compulsory. If they do not pass the test, they are forced to retire. Even truck drivers come under mandatory retirement laws as they have to pass a physical exam every 2 years if they want to hold on to their commercial driving license. A profession that requires mental acuity is teaching and teachers are required to retire at 60 or 65, depending on the institution. This said, many educators are still capable of imparting knowledge but because they have reached the age, they are forced into retirement. Pilots are another lot who are forced to retire the moment they hit 60.

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Mandatory Retirement Laws
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