Affordable Housing For The Elderly - Affordable Housing For The Elderly In MA

Affordable Housing For The Elderly :             Proper housing plays an important factor in one’s happiness and independence. Owning a home is the sign of security and independence to the most of us.


            With the economy heading into recession and the housing slump, today there are many affordable housing for the elderly in MA, DC, CA, etc. But before you rush into buying your dream home, it is also important to consider other living factors. Unfortunately, most of the home today is designed for energetic youth. For many elderly, basic and simple lifestyle like household chores, shopping, cooking and cleaning may be a problem. Most of us will loose one of these abilities during our retirement years. Therefore, you decide to buy a home, you will have to consider the choice between “Independence Housing” vs. “Community-Based Housing”. Is it the right choice for your?

            House sharing is also another good available option for the elderly. It can provide revenue, security, and companionship. The basic idea is that two or more unrelated people share a resident. Everybody share the common areas like the living room and kitchen, but everyone has his/her bedroom for some privacy. Adult foster care and accessory apartments also offer similar advantages. However, beware that every house sharing has its own personality.

            Some seniors who may require extra attention and care should also consider special housing. In special housing services, meals, shelter, and housekeeping is provided for a senior for a fixed fee. Typically, special housing is designed for seniors who are somewhat self-sufficient and health. As residents’ needs change for higher level of care, the monthly fee may adjust accordingly.

            Before you sign yourself into any retirement home, you should take the following precautions.

  • Read and understand the documents
  • If you have questions, ask. Don’t assume anything.
  • Do background check on the facility. You can get public information about the facility from  the Better Business Bureau and Continuing Care Accreditation Commission (CCAC )

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