Sample Letters For Retirement Congratulations

Sample Letters For Retirement Congratulations

When a person retires it is time to congratulate them in person or by a letter. The letter should be good and also should praise the person for their efforts. If it is an official letter it has to be formal and thankful at the same time.

Here are some sample letters you can use.

Sample Letter for Retirement Congratulations 1:

Congratulations on your retirement!

We take this opportunity to stress what an asset you have been to the organization and your services will be definitely missed very much. When you were handling the clients, the company had no doubts that the clients were in good hands. Your loyalty towards the company and your proactive approach to work went beyond the call of duty. Not only will your commitment be missed, but also the delicious cookies you baked!

We hope that in retirement, you will be able to indulge into all the hobbies that you sacrificed because of work, especially the traveling that you loved. The way you planned your retirement offers a learning process for all us. We too would like to be wise and prudent like you. Hope you have an enjoyable and stress-free retirement.

Best wishes for the future and do come on and of to the office to keep us in the loop.

Sample Letter for Retirement Congratulations 2:

We know that you have been waiting eagerly for your retirement to start doing all the things you have always wanted to. So, congratulations on your retirement after 35 long years with the organization.

You have been a role model to all of us, especially the new comers. You were a guiding hand and were always willing to help and give advice to all of us. Your department owes its success to you and all your fellow workers and colleagues will miss your presence and drive tremendously.

The organization is sad to see you go, but there are some things that are unavoidable like retirement. However, we also know that you are keen to begin traveling to all the exotic locales that you have always been talking about, and this is obviously the best time for it.

So, once again congratulations on your retirement and do remember that your outstanding contribution to the department and organization will be a benchmark for all employees to follow.

Best of luck for the future!

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Sample Letters For Retirement Congratulations
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