Chronic Illness And Laughter

Chronic Illness And Laughter

There have been many cases of people curing terminal diseases and chronic illness with laughter. While some doctors criticize this method of treatment, scientists from the University of California have proven that laughter helps the cardiovascular system, lowers stress hormones like cortisol and adrenalin and increases the body's natural killers cells to fight tumor cells and cells that infected with viruses.

Basically chronic illness can be dealt with laughter therapy because the therapy helps to exercise both the mind and the body. The mind is exercised by way of meditation that is done before the laughter session begins and laughter therapy helps to exercise the body.

People who join laughter therapy initially force out their laughter but then the entire situation seems so ridiculous to them that they start laughing for real. Of course, it goes without saying that laughter therapy has to be continued in conjunction with the other medical treatment that you are receiving for your chronic illness. You should never give up any medication without first consulting with your doctor.

Some people also try to take the therapy at home to continue what they started in the laughter therapy classes. This can be easily done by watching some funny movies or videos. In fact, funny things are constantly happening around us or to us. The idea is to remember them and have a hearty laugh so that you give your body and mind ample reasons to de-stress. Suffering from a chronic illness is extremely stressful and through laughter therapy, you help to reduce the stress.

After all, there must be some truth in the saying -- "Laughter is the best medicine."

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Chronic Illness And Laughter
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