Chronic Illness And Volunteer Work

Chronic Illness And Volunteer Work

Many youngsters are constantly wondering what sort of work or career they should get into. One of the most rewarding jobs is volunteer work but unfortunately many people view it as a stepping stone to further their job prospects. However, volunteer work can be more than that, especially if you like taking care of people and you are qualified doctor or nurse.

Being a doctor or nurse can open many avenues for you but the question is what do you see yourself doing after you qualify. Only after you have answered this question honestly should you look for healthcare organizations that offer the type of healthcare you are looking to give. In fact, you may be surprised with your honest answer.

For instance, if you want to work with chronically ill patients, then you should be looking for a non-profit organization or public health agencies. These are healthcare organizations that could use volunteers to help them with their work load. Today HIV/AIDS is a major problem around the world. There are many non-profit organizations and public health clinics that provide healthcare to HIV infected people. You can work as a volunteer with women, sex workers, ethnic minorities or gay community. You can take your pick, depending on what you want to specialize in.

Remember, chronic illness can affect many other aspects of healthcare and as a volunteer worker you will get an opportunity to learn about all these aspects.

In addition, when it comes to chronic illness and volunteer work, you will pick up many other skills and not just taking care of patients. You will learn how clinics run, how to be a team player, become familiar with the healthcare system and hierarchy, develop interpersonal therapeutic skills with patients and be committed to help those that really need your assistance. And the experience and skills you gain while doing volunteer work with the chronically ill cannot be gained from any textbook or classroom; these will be invaluable for you and add value to your resume when you are ready to work for money.

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Chronic Illness And Volunteer Work
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