Body Language And Sign Of Attraction

Body Language And Sign Of Attraction

Communication, whether verbal or non-verbal, plays an important role in projecting a person’s personality and thought process. It is believed that body language sometimes conveys more than words.

In fact, research puts forth that only 19 percent of our communication is carried out with words, the rest of our thought process is given away by the tone of our voice and the body language. Non-verbal communication, which includes body posture, gestures and expressions are instrumental in revealing the signs of attraction.

The art of reading body language has been of keen interest since ages. Even without one’s own realization, body movements speak volumes of what might be hidden in the mind. Being able to identify the signals sent forth by one’s body gestures can help to gain power over people in the social and financial world. Involuntary body language is utilized as a lie detector and serves a base of many military interrogations as well. One of the best body language secret is that wide spaces tend to indicate openness or acceptance, while close spaces point towards a closed mind.  

Body language has many different dialects that vary in men and women. For instance, when in love the body language of a boy may be bold, whereas a girl may adopt a more coy and flirtatious attitude. There are numerous physical signals men and women send one another, both voluntary and involuntary, that can help in identifying sexual or romantic inclination. The direction in which a person leans showcases one’s state of mind. Girls in general lean towards someone they are interested in and away from someone, who they dislike. An eye contact between a man and woman is a sign of sexual interest. However, when a man makes eye contact with another man, it is usually a signal of challenge. 

The signs of attraction in a woman are noticeable in the form of flicking of hair or twirling the strands. While talking to someone of interest, she may tilt her head on one side and smile coyly. A woman sitting with her legs crossed but pointing the knees towards the person shows her interest. However, a body posture with legs crossed and pointing away from the man sitting opposite her, may indicate no particular interest. If inclined towards a man, a woman may reflexively become conscious of herself in his presence. A constant attempt to preen and touch the face is a sure sign of attraction!

The body language of males also highlights several signs of attraction. Just like a female, when a man is in the company of the woman he loves or is interested in, he may also pat his hair in place or straighten his clothes. One of the common gestures is direct eye contact marked with a deep look into her eyes. He may even run his fingers through his hair and push his shoulders back. Flexing muscles is a very powerful indicator of male attraction.

Reading a person by body language is not really a difficult task, once you have a slight insight to the interpretation of gestures. It can sometimes help to know if somebody is interested in you, especially in the initial stages of a relationship. However, inferring body language from across the room can be tricky. One must also remember not to overdo the interpretation. It is important to be careful not to ‘see’ too much, but only identify what is really there. Reading the body language, especially the signs of attraction may be difficult but once learnt, it can be surely very rewarding!

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Body Language And Sign Of Attraction