Body Language When A Guy Likes A Girl

Body Language When A Guy Likes A Girl

During the course of our association with people, our bodies invariably send out indications that reveal our feelings for them. It may be possible to control the body language to a slight degree but mostly our expressions and gestures communicate or give away our thoughts. Reading a man’s body language can help any girl to gauge his basic thoughts.

Surprisingly, men are much more transparent than women, when it comes to body language. However, some of them can also be equally confusing. The reason behind this is that most men are conditioned to hide their feelings. From childhood, they are taught that portrayal of emotions publicly shows a man’s weakness. Therefore, at times it can get hard to read their masked feelings.  

When a guy likes a girl, one of the easiest signs to read in body language is the first look. Men have a tendency to literally drop their jaw wide open, when attracted towards a girl. Eye contact is another powerful instrument in terms of body language. A man, if romantically inclined towards a girl is sure to look into her eyes. It could be a glance or a steady deep look but it definitely reveals his interest. If the guy gives a quick darting look into a girl’s eyes and then looks elsewhere, it could signify interest mixed with nervousness. In such cases, the girl may require to make the first move. A warm smile also says a lot. However, if the shape of the smile is oblong, it may not be genuine.

The manner in which a man stands can also help to decipher his feelings. Men subconsciously reposition themselves to be facing a person of their interest. When men are attracted to someone, they subconsciously try to enhance their masculinity. Standing tall, flexing muscles and sucking in of the stomach are the typical give away signals. If his posture leans towards a girl or stands too close, it only says his intentions are of being more than just friends! Also, standing between other guys and the girl in question says that the girl is under his protection. Making a subtle physical contact could indicate a man’s increasing interest in the girl such as laying his hand over her shoulder in a protective way or holding her hand in a modest way.

Preening is an automatic sign of inclination. A man generally tends to be bothered about his looks, only in the company of a woman he really likes. He may try to smooth out his shirt or run his fingers through his hair with a broad smile, with the intention of casting a good impression. At times, he may also fiddle with his watch or tie! A sudden change of manners also tells a lot. Men always want to portray a better image in front of their lady love. An immediate need to be polite is a sure sign of seeking attention. A man who minds his manners and holds the door open for you is trying hard to look impressive!  

Observing a man’s body language at close quarters reveals a whole lot of things. His gestures could highlight feelings ranging from a growing inclination to steady emotion. However, body language is not a proven science. A guy may be interested in a girl and yet show no outward signs of his state of heart or mind. There are no set rules to human behavior. Verbal communication is undoubtedly the best way to solve such relationship issues. Words have a sense of clarity attached to them and help in understanding each other at a higher level. However, there is no harm in being equipped with certain basics of the love game, which can offer great assistance in the initial stages. After all, they say ‘All is fair in love and war.’

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Body Language When A Guy Likes A Girl