Body Language When Falling In Love

Body Language When Falling In Love

There is an age old adage; ‘Love is in the air.’ Well, many will be surprised to know that love is also in a person’s body language. Falling in love is one of the most beautiful human emotions.

People behave very differently when in love and their actions speak more than words. Love is very predominantly visible in a person’s smile, eyes, facial expressions, body posture and various other actions. Undoubtedly, people reveal it in their body language when falling in love.

There are some extremely common signals of love showcased in one’s body language. The first one is the leaning factor. Love increases the urge to not only be close to the partner emotionally but physically as well. When in love, the body unconsciously tends to lean towards the person of interest. This leaning could range from just sitting next to each other to more physical closeness when together. The second indication comes in the form of the direction of the body. During a conversation, the angle of a person’s body tells a lot about the attraction prevalent between the two people. When in love, a person’s body invariably turns towards his or her lover. Interestingly, even the feet tend to point towards a person of interest. The final give away sign of a person in love is the glow on his or her face. A person in love glows with internal happiness. Eyes sparkle and one seems to smiling more often; with each smile reaching the eye.

There are many other indications in the body language that help to gauge a person in love. These signals generally vary in men and women. A man in love makes eye contact with the woman he is interested in and holds on his glance much longer than normal. He may touch the female’s hand, arm or shoulder lightly indicating the desire for friendship. When in conversation, his body tends to lean towards her and toes point in her direction as well. Fondling a chain or cigarette indicates the need for more proximity. Flexing of muscles is a show of masculinity and his underlying strength. A man speaking in low tones is perhaps inviting the girl into his space. In an attempt to look good, the guy may smooth his clothes or run a hand through his hair. After all, he’s desperate to impress his lady love!

On the other hand, the body language of a woman in love is a little different. A woman in love does not stare at her man. Instead gives a sidelong glance. A stare mixed with the tilting and lowering of the head indicates shyness with a tinge of boldness. Women tend to stroke and flick their hair in the presence of a man of interest. They also sit with their legs crossed with the knee pointing towards the man they are keen on. Parting and licking of lips is a sure sign of attraction. By massaging the neck, a female could be sending vibes of further closeness and desire. A bolder woman could even wink or send out some other extremely suggestive and inviting hints such as running a hand over her exposed body parts, slipping off a shoe, removing an earring or touching the guy’s knee or thigh.   

Falling in love is wonderful but can be tricky and painful, if one is unsure of the partner’s feelings. At times like these, it can be very beneficial to learn the signs of body language as they can help in deciphering a person's hidden intentions and feelings. Reactions of people undergo various transformations in love. A discerning eye can assist in interpreting the body language and deciding whether to go forward or move away. Also, the skills of body language can help you in conveying the right signals to attract the attention of your lover and cast a lasting impression.

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Body Language When Falling In Love