Reading Female Body Language Signs

Reading Female Body Language Signs

The feelings of a woman are a mystery in themselves. Being able to interpret a woman’s body language is a topic of interest for many. Women are said to have a more explicit body language in comparison to men. Whether one is inviting a female on a date or is in a relationship, body language can prove to be a crucial decisive factor in gauging her feelings.

Understanding female body language signs can also help in knowing whether to invest time into the relationship or try your luck elsewhere!

One of the most expressive organs of a female is the eyes. A woman’s eyes are dilated or widely open when in company of a man of interest. A longer than normal glance clubbed with a smile suggests a sure attraction. The eyebrows could also rise unconsciously if she is very excited to meet someone. A woman’s thoughts can be read through her lips as well. Wetting, licking and softly biting the lips can be interpreted as an inviting gesture or a green signal for further intimacy.

The manner in which the legs are positioned can be of importance in assessing one’s body language. A liking on her part may be evident by consistent crossing and uncrossing of legs. Massaging the exposed portion of her legs is a clear sign of desire. Also, the direction in which her knees are facing could be of significant value. The knees are generally pointed towards a person of keen interest. On the contrary, legs crossed tightly for a long time represent defensiveness and a closed body language. A knee pointing in the opposite direction of the person in question is a negative indication, which means that you are wasting your time and should pursue elsewhere! A gentle touch also goes a long way in decoding a woman’s secret thoughts. Touching the arm while talking and dusting his shirt are definite go ahead signals.

Some of the other signs to watch out in a female if she is interested in a guy are a smile accompanied with slight embarrassment, touching or flicking the hair, smoothing of the dress, leaning towards the concerned person, tilting of the head in his direction and torso turned towards him with open palms. If the lady is keen on extended her interaction, she would probably ask some questions and use descriptive phrases in her conversation. If she strokes her neck while talking and looks at the man’s mouth, the guy has definitely appealed her.

It is not necessary that women always send out subtle indications of body language. You could be in for a surprise in the company of some extremely bold women. Such women are capable of projecting very overt signals via their expressions and gestures. Winking is not the domain of a man alone! A relatively bolder woman could wink at a man to show interest. Some use even more open gestures that drop extremely suggestive and inviting hints such as running a hand over the exposed body parts, slipping off a shoe, removing an earring or touching the guy’s knee or thigh.

Once a guy gets can insight to a female’s body language, it gets easier to judge her feelings. However, the story does not end there. There is no point in being able to read the body language and not following through it. Approaching a woman is another struggle for most men. Many lack the confidence to make the first move. However, if the body language of a female is positive towards the guy, it surely can add to his confidence! 

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Reading Female Body Language Signs