Will God Forgive You For Infedility ?

Will God Forgive You For Infedility ?

Living and let others live is a very good policy. Next in line comes forgiving. One does not live peacefully as long as the bitter feeling is not forgotten. Unless and until there is a bitter experience, how is one going to differentiate between the good and bad?

It is not all that easy to brace a situation like infidelity. It is a breach of trust. Else do we call it a backstabbing? Whatever it may be it takes a lot to digest the fact, in the first place. One has to have a large and open heart to forgive an offence such as infidelity. The one who has committed infidelity has to realize the mistake and repent rather than just confessing.

These are the views from a human being’s perspective, but what does God expect out of a human? Realization and nothing but repentance for the sin that has been indulged into. Asking for forgiveness and yet committing the same sin repeatedly will not be accepted by God. God will surely forgive you for your infidelity, once. But you have to stop falling to the temptations again and again. You must be honestly sorry for your actions and correct your way with all good intention.

God forgives your sin once but not over and over again. It is the pure heart with good intentions that God looks for. Though God may forgive you for your infidelity, the person whose trust you have broken may not be able to do so and even if you are forgiven, you may not be able to enjoy the same kind of trust and respect again.

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Will God Forgive You For Infedility