Goodbye Love Letters

Goodbye Love Letters

It is sometimes quite unfortunate that what started as a blossoming relationship ends up drifting away over a period of time. Though you hope to get back together all the time, when you are convinced it is not going to happen anymore, you slowly realize you never could get to say a formal good-bye.

A good-bye letter ends your relationship formally on a good note. You acknowledge the change in your relationship and you formally agree between yourselves that it is not going to be taken forward any more. In fact, a good-bye letter is one last opportunity to express any regrets or sorry.

A sample goodbye letter could go as follows:

Dear (First name),

This is probably the toughest letter I am writing in my entire life. I would always remember your goodness, consideration, thoughtfulness and the respect you have shown me throughout our time together.

I think it is quite unfortunate that my feelings towards you have changed and the spark isn’t just there any more for continuing our relationship. My respect for you has not died and I would always be your well-wisher and a good friend. I do not think we are made to spend our life together.

I really wish you the very best in all your endeavors and I hope you would find a better person who could really match what you are looking for. It is tough for me to tell you this in person and hence, I thought I would express my sincere intentions in words.

Your friend and well-wisher
(Your first name)

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Goodbye Love Letters