Relationship Advice For Husband Not Interested In Sex

Relationship Advice For Husband Not Interested In Sex

Many women are married where they long for more physical closeness . These women end up feeling hurt, rejected, frustrated and lonely. They think that they are only ones with husbands who are not interested in intimacy.

          However, this is not true. Millions of women are in a similar situation and they are all wondering what is wrong with them and why their husbands are not interested in intimacy.

The first thing that a husband has to do is delve deep inside to figure out why he suddenly lost interest in sex. It could be due to many reasons -- stress, premature ejaculation or erection problems. Once you know the reason for your disinterest, it can be handled or treated. Today, modern science has remedies for nearly everything and problems related to premature ejaculation, erection or stress can be effectively treated.

You should realize that by not having sex with you wife, you are not only depriving yourself from wonderful intimate experience but you are also causing a lot of pain and emotional problems for your wife. If you really love her, then this is something you do not want your wife to experience.

It goes without saying that you and your wife should seek professional help so that you can understand what led to your disinterest. This is especially true if you want to save your relationship and marriage. A professional therapist will be able to help you and then offer counseling so that you can overcome the problem. In addition, the counseling will help your wife to come to terms with the situation and to stop blaming herself for your disinterest, as most women do.

You should motivate yourself to be more proactive and understand the dynamics of your relationship. In addition, you should let your wife know that you still love her and are committed to making the marriage a success. With you taking the initiative, your wife will feel much better. It will show her that you are trying to change. It is best to have an honest talk about your disinterest in intimacy and the reason behind it, no matter how humiliated you feel. It will help your relationship and you will get the support of your wife instead of her being against you.

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Relationship Advice For Husband Not Interested In Sex