Do I Pay Child Maintenance If She Remarries ?

Do I Pay Child Maintenance If She Remarries ?

A divorce always leaves an unpleasant situation in the lives of all those concerned. Severing of ties leaves a bitter aftertaste. The husband and the wife may also lose their peace of mind, especially if unfortunately the main cause of the divorce was infidelity.

Sometimes they may lose their willingness to live life peacefully, and it is during these times that some of them resort to drinking, smoking or taking illicit drugs.

The child often gets dragged in the middle of the divorce, especially when there is a long-drawn custody battle. It also has a negative impact on the mind of the child because he or she feels that they are losing one parent and have to live with only one parent from then onwards.

When it comes to the question of the custody battle, one wonders about the costs that have to be given for child maintenance. This is particularly so, when one of the divorced parties enters into another marriage. The child maintenance, in this case, still has to be paid. This is because the child is still related to you. You are still the father of the child. The only thing that you may not have to pay is spouse support. The wife can ask for maintenance for the child, even if she has a good income and a steady job. But this does not mean that the entire burden of supporting the child is that of the father’s. It is the mother’s responsibility as well since both are the parents of the child.

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Do I Pay Child Maintenance If She Remarries