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          Arthritis can be defined as a degenerative inflammatory disorder affecting joints and muscles. There are various forms of arthritis including inflammatory rheumatoid arthritis and non-inflammatory osteoarthritis. Arthritis is considered as the most common old age related disease. The principal reason for arthritis among baby boomers has been attributed to lifestyle factors including consumption of high-fat, high-cholesterol diet and sedentary behavior.

          A regular exercise regimen can provide significant improvement in the health of patients suffering with arthritis. A comprehensive exercise program that includes aerobics and stretching exercises helps in improving balance, keeping the joints stable, improves joints flexibility, strengthens muscles and reduces pain.

          The Arthritis Foundation offers many services and exercise programs for people with arthritis. The Arthritis Foundation Exercise Program is an exclusively designed exercise program for people with arthritis. It involves mild exercises to improve joint flexibility and range of motion of the joint. These exercises also help in maintaining muscle strength and reducing pain. The exercise program is conducted by trained instructors, who have exclusively undertaken training at the Arthritis Foundation instructor-training workshop. However, the exercises taught in the Arthritis Foundation Exercise Program, should not replace the therapeutic exercises prescribed by your doctor.

          Although exercise is essential for people with arthritis, the kind and duration of exercises suggested for each individual would vary depending on the type of arthritis the person is suffering from, the extent of inflammation (in some persons, the joints might be swollen and inflamed), and also depends on which particular joint in the body is involved. Walking, running, jogging, cycling, swimming, and yoga are very good exercises for those suffering with arthritis.

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American Arthritis Foundation Elderly Exercise





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