What Vitamin Helps Bone Grafts Fuse Better ?

What Vitamin Helps Bone Grafts Fuse Better ?

A bone graft procedure is used to ensure that new bone growth occurs so that the existing bone is either repaired or strengthened. The repair could be to replace the lost bone mass which can occur due to infection, fracture or cancerous tumor removal. The reason for strengthening to could be as the bone has lost its width and height due to various factors, including genetic reasons.

However, whatever the reason for bone graft surgery, the doctors and patients have to ensure that osseointegration of the bone graft and the existing bone occurs. Usually doctors use a variety of materials to aid the ossteointegration and bone growth.

Based on certain researches, it has been found out that there are some vitamins and minerals that help bone grafts fuse better with the existing bone. Extensive studies have shown that fluoride and Vitamin K2 stimulate the bone to increase not just in density, but also in volume. However, both these have to be taken orally and should be started at least three days before the bone grafting procedure, and should be continued for three weeks after the procedure.

Fluoride and Vitamin K2 are available as supplements, and can be prescribed by your doctor. The amount of fluoride should be restricted to the recommended daily allowance. There is no recommended daily allowance for Vitamin K2, studies have shown that this vitamin is required for bone mineralization.

In addition, supplement of Vitamin D should be taken as this vitamin promotes the absorption of calcium in the body, and along with other growth factors and hormones, facilitates the metabolism of bones.

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What Vitamin Helps Bone Grafts Fuse Better