Types Of Dental Bridge  

There are primarily three types of dental bridges, and each type is selected based on the health and state of a patient's natural teeth. However, all the types of dental bridges are meant to cover the gap created by a missing tooth, and improve the aesthetic appearance of the teeth and also the health of the existing natural teeth.

The three types of dental bridges are namely traditional dental bridge, cantilever dental bridge and resin bonded dental bridge.

The traditional dental bridge is the most common type that you will find. Here, a false tooth is fixed in the gap created by the missing tooth, and this false tooth is supported on either side by crowns. When this type of bridge is fixed, the natural teeth on either side of the gap have to be reduced in size so that the crowns can be accommodated.

The cantilever bridge is primarily used for a gap created in the front. This type bridge is also used when there are natural teeth only on one side of the gap. The bridge is fixed on one side to the natural tooth.

The resin bonded bridge is also known as Maryland bonded bridge. This bridge is the least expensive of the three. However, it is not suited for all people. It is only used in people who have healthy and strong teeth on either side of the gap. This bridge cannot be fixed for people with unhealthy teeth or those who have large filling in the adjacent teeth. Maryland bonded bridge it often used to replace missing front teeth, and the crowns are fixed to the natural teeth using resin cement.

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Types Of Dental Bridge




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