Can You Recover A Swallowed Dental Crown ?  

There is no doubt that dental crowns are expensive, and when a crown falls off and person swallows it, the immediate worry is about how much money the person would have to spend to get a new crown. However, you can now recover a swallowed dental crown by following a simple, but not very pleasing procedure.

The moment you realize that you have swallowed the dental crown, call your dentist. He will arrange for an X-ray to determine the position of the crown in your digestive tract as it is non-digestible.

Thereafter, ensure that you eat a diet replete with fiber so that you do not suffer from constipation. It can take up to a week for the crown to move from your digestive tract and come out with the feces. By eating a fiber-rich diet, you will ensure that the crown is easily passed out of your body.

Start using a strong plastic bucket to evacuate your bowels on a daily basis. If you do not like the idea of sitting on a bucket, you can also spread out newspaper in your bathroom and defecate on it. Choose a method that you are comfortable with.

Once you have finished the bowel movement, take disposable plastic knives and start cutting the feces into smaller portions. Smash each portion and check whether you can spy your dental crown. Once you see the crown, pick it up and wash it under running water. Thereafter, use any bleach lying in your house to rinse the crown. Then, take an old toothbrush and use it to scrape off any remnants of feces. The toothbrush should be used inside as wells as outside. This should be done under running water.

Once you are satisfied that the dental crown has been cleaned thoroughly, call you dentist and make an appointment. The dentist will sterilize the crown, and then use a dental adhesive to refix it.

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Can You Recover A Swallowed Dental Crown




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Can You Recover A Swallowed Dental Crown ? )
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