Composition Of Dentures

Composition Of Dentures

In the ancient days, people used the tooth of the hippopotamus to make dentures. Thankfully, we no longer have to resort this method. Today, dentures are made from a variety of materials, and the type of denture determines the composition of the dentures. It is quite interesting to learn more about this topic, especially if you are using dentures.

Full dentures are made for people who do not have any natural teeth. These dentures are made from synthetic plastic resins. The teeth that are attached to the framework are made either from plastic resin or porcelain.

Then there are partial dentures, which are used when only one or few teeth are missing. The frame for these dentures is from a metal alloy that is extremely lightweight. The gums of the dentures are made from acrylic, while the teeth can be made from porcelain or plastic resin.

Another type of partial denture is the non-metal acrylic type. This denture is ideal for people who are allergic to metals. Here the frame of the denture and the teeth are made from plastic resin. However, at times, porcelain is used to make the teeth.

Flexite denture is another non-metal denture. Here the frame is made nylon, which is flexible in nature. They are of better quality compared to non-metal acrylic dentures. The teeth of the dentures are made either from porcelain or plastic resin.

Fixed partial dentures are also known as bridges and crowns. This type of denture is permanently fixed in the mouth using cement. The framework of the bridge is made either from metal or acrylic, while the teeth can be made from ceramic or acrylic.

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Composition Of Dentures