How Do I Get My Dentures To Stay In ?  

Many people who wear dentures have a common complaint. The dentures do not stay in place and keep moving around the mouth. As a result they end up causing sores and bruises on the gums, and also make it difficult to chew food. This is especially true for people who wear dentures just in the lower jaw. In addition, there is always the fear that the dentures will get dislodged and fall out of the mouth; an occurrence that has embarrassed many denture wearers.

Therefore, people want to know how do they get their dentures to stay in without moving or getting dislodged. The good news is that there are ways. One is ensuring that you keep going for regularly checks up to the dentist who will keep relining the teeth as you experience bone loss due to loss of teeth and age. The other way, which is the latest innovation in dental technology, is to use implants to retain the dentures in your mouth.

These implants are in the form of tiny screws that are drilled into the jaw bone. You can then attach your denture to the implants using the rubber clips that are located under the denture. Sometimes, instead of rubber clips, there are plastic clips, which work in the same manner. Also, some patients like to have a frame made out of steel attached to the implants and then the denture is clipped on to the frame.

The person can easily remove the dentures by unclipping and releasing them. The only difference with a conventional denture is that the implants ensure that the denture stays in and does not get dislodged or fall out.

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How Do I Get My Dentures To Stay In




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How Do I Get My Dentures To Stay In ? )
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