Alzheimers And Coffee

Alzheimers And Coffee

It has been reported that if a person suffering from Alzheimer's drinks about 5 cups of coffee per day, it could help to reverse the memory losses the person is suffering from. At least this is what the scientists from the US are claiming based on the research they have conducted.

The research was conducted on mice and it was found in the course of the study that coffee prevented the formation of plaques in the brain, a main characteristic of Alzheimer's disease.

However, scientists warn that people suffering from dementia should not resort to taking caffeine-based supplements as there is still more study and research to be done.

The research on Alzheimer's and coffee was done at the University of South Florida. For the research, 55 mice were made to get the symptoms of Alzheimer's and the scientists recorded the behavior that showed that the mice were suffering from memory loss.

Thereafter, about half of the test mice were given caffeine to drink along with their drinking water, while the remaining were not given caffeine. The test mice were given around 500 mg of caffeine a day. This amounts to about 2 cups of latte or cappuccino. This continued for around 2 months after which the mice were tested again. It was seen that the mice who drank caffeine were faring better than the mice who were not given caffeine. The mice showed better memory and also thinking abilities. In addition, scientists found that the mice showed around fifty percent reduction in the beta amyloid protein that forms plaque in the brains of people suffering from Alzheimer's disease. More tests were conducted and it was found that the enzymes required for producing beta amyloid were affected due to consumption of caffeine.

This is definitely good news. If Alzheimer's and coffee are indeed connected and the latter can have an effect on the disease, then it could help millions of people suffering from it.

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Alzheimers And Coffee