How To Celebrate A Birthday If Person Has Alzheimers

How To Celebrate A Birthday If Person Has Alzheimers ?

Seeing a loved one waste away with Alzheimer's not a very nice thought or feeling. It just makes you feel so helpless and frustrated, and this feeling multiplies when it is your loved one's birthday. You the wonder how to celebrate a birthday if the person has Alzheimer's because he may not remember the good times you shared the previous birthday and in worse case scenario he may just not remember who are.

Celebrating the birthday of a person, who has Alzheimer's, can be tough. Many people think it is better to forego the celebration. However, it will leave you feeling guilty because you still love and care for the person. So, how to celebrate a birthday if a person has Alzheimer's?

You do not have to celebrate the birthday on a grand scale. You can just call a few close family friends cut a cake and then try to get the person to love at old family photographs. Sometimes this can help the person suddenly remember things and share a few words with the people around him. When and if this happens, you will be thrilled and celebrating the birthday will seem worth it. However, it is best not to have high hopes.

You can make the birthday celebration special by playing the person's favorite music or songs and encouraging the person to sing along. This can, at times, stimulate the person especially since the sense of hearing is the last sense to disappear in Alzheimer's. It will be worth it to see the person tap a foot to the beat of the music even if he does not sing along.

Celebrating a birthday if a person has Alzheimer's can be difficult but you can look for novel ways to make it special. The idea is to form connections from the past to present and then to you and the rest of the family. Of course care should be taken that the person does not get too tired.

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How To Celebrate A Birthday If Person Has Alzheimers