Advanced Bowel Cancer And Prognosis

Advanced Bowel Cancer And Prognosis

Bowel cancer is quite dangerous and prognosis is not very good. There is a reason for the prognosis not being very good. The reason is the location of the cancer. With bowel cancer, there are hardly any symptoms and therefore, people are diagnosed quite late during which time the cancer spreads and grows to advanced bowel cancer and prognosis for this is even worse.

As most people do not know that they have bowel cancer, it tends to grow large and spread easily to other parts of the body. However, the growth of the cancer is slow compared to other cancers. Those people who are diagnosed in the early stages of bowel cancer have a good chance of recovery.

Before talking about advanced bowel cancer and prognosis, let us first understand what qualifies as advanced bowel cancer. Advanced bowel cancer is when the cancer grows through the wall of the rectum or colon, or spreads to other parts of the body. If this happens, then the chances of curing the cancer are very low. But with proper treatment, the cancer spread and progress can be slowed down.

Prognosis of advanced bowel cancer depends on the following factors:

  • The general health of the person
  • Whether the cancer has recurred
  • Has the cancer blocked or managed to create a hole in the colon
  • The level of carcinoembryonic antigen present in the blood before the start of the treatment
  • At what sub-stage is the cancer -- is the cancer present in the entire colon or has it managed to spread to other organs and parts of the body

The five year survival rate is 43 percent if the lymph nodes are afflicted and it is 7 percent if the cancer has metastasized.

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Advanced Bowel Cancer And Prognosis