Can Prostate Cancer Cause Bowel Leagage

Can Prostate Cancer Cause Bowel Leakage ?

When a man gets prostate cancer, he may want answers to many questions. Besides asking questions about impotency and sex, a person many also want to know can prostate cancer cause bowel leakage. Directly the cancer may not cause bowel leakage but the treatment to remove prostate cancer can. So, in effect if you want to know can prostate cancer cause bowel leakage, the answer will yes but indirectly.

Usually one of the best methods to remove prostate cancer is radical prostatectomy. This is a surgical intervention that removes the cancer as well as some of the surrounding tissue to ensure that no cancer cells remain. A radical prostatectomy can be done through laparoscopic surgery or open surgery.

Most people and doctors prefer laparoscopic surgery as it involves making very small incisions and then removing the prostate cancer. To have a prostatectomy, you need to be under general anesthesia and then stay in the hospital for 2 to 4 days.

Although this method removes all the cancer cells, you can still develop some complications and one of them is bowel leakage. The leakage occurs if the rectum is damaged during the surgery and this can result in fecal incontinence or worse, it can leak into the abdomen causing further complications. Although very rare, you should inquire about this problem with your doctor as most doctor tend placate patients only about impotence and urinary incontinence.

If you have prostate cancer, it is your right to know the consequences of the surgery, and bowel leakage is a complication that you should be ready for if it happens. But rest assured, it is a rare complication.

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Can Prostate Cancer Cause Bowel Leagage