High Cholesterol And Natural Remedies

High Cholesterol And Natural Remedies

High cholesterol level is usually diagnosed only by blood test. This is a disorder which does not have any specific symptoms. People having high cholesterol generally feel fine but they often forget the danger it poses in making them more prone to heart diseases and attacks. Some reasons for high cholesterol include unhealthy diet, ingestion of saturated fatty foods or preserved foods, excess smoking or drinking habits, obesity, and lack of exercising and so on.

The individual will be suggested small changes in the diet or life-style if the level of bad cholesterol is on the border-line. Medication will be prescribed if the level is more than the permissible level of 240 mg/dl. The treatment for keeping the cholesterol level in check should not aim at decreasing the level of LDL alone. It should also aim at increasing the level of HDL cholesterol.

One should take precaution and treat high cholesterol by consuming the right food prepared using low fat oils, exercising regularly, keeping check on excess weight gain and reducing consumption of alcohol and smoking.

Natural cure for treating high cholesterol levels is an option many take since medications may bring along certain unwanted side-effects.

Intake of garlic, grapes, apples and carrots helps in reducing the level of cholesterol. In order to reduce the levels of bad cholesterol, these food substances prevent entry of cholesterol in to the blood stream by removing it via the intestine.

Herbs and red yeast rice reduce levels of bad cholesterol and an ayurvedic medicine called ‘Gudulipid’ is regarded effective in reducing high cholesterol and triglyceride level in the blood.

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High Cholesterol And Natural Remedies