What Are The Effects Of Low Cholesterol

What Are The Effects Of Low Cholesterol ?

While you will hear a lot about how healthy it is for you to have low cholesterol, recent research has shown that having low cholesterol can be as harmful as having high cholesterol. However, many people do not know what are the effects of low cholesterol and this could be because not much is spoken about it. All we keep hearing is that high cholesterol is a health risk and everything seems to end there.

What are the effects of low cholesterol? Well, if you have low cholesterol, you can have hyperthyroidism, liver disease, insufficient absorption of nutrients in the intestines or malnutrition. In addition, it has been seen that people who have low cholesterol also suffer from manganese deficiency.

The importance of cholesterol should not be ignored. We need proper amounts of cholesterol in our blood to help with the building of cell membranes, manufacturing of sex hormones, production of bile and converting sunrays into Vitamin D. In addition, cholesterol is required for the metabolism of vitamins like Vitamins A, D, E and K.

Other effects of low cholesterol are anxiety, depression and hemorrhagic stroke. Way back in 1999, a BBC health report showed that low cholesterol levels are linked to depression and anxiety in both men and women. And a study conducted in South Korea showed that people with low cholesterol are more prone to committing suicide than people with high cholesterol. A CNN article reported that people with low cholesterol had higher risk of getting hemorrhagic strokes than people who had high cholesterol.

Low cholesterol levels in pregnant women have also been linked to premature births, including low birth weight. This was reported by the National Human Genome Research Institute, which is a part of the National Institutes of Health.

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What Are The Effects Of Low Cholesterol