Age Dementia Symptoms

Age Dementia Symptoms

Age dementia symptoms vary from one person to the next. Not all the people suffering from age dementia exhibit all the symptoms, and these symptoms may either be subtle or obvious. But it goes without saying that one of the most common age dementia symptoms is short term memory loss.

Usually the person tends to say the same thing again forgetting that he or she has just said it or the person may forget where he or she put something just a few moments ago.

Other age dementia symptoms that you may notice in the early stages of the disease are as follows:

  • Finding it difficult to remember words during the course of a conversation.
  • Forgetting names of people, losing things or not remembering appointments.
  • Facing problems while doing familiar chores like cooking, cleaning the house or driving.
  • Mood swings with brief periods of rage
  • Personality changes where a social person becomes withdrawn or vice versa.
  • Displaying poor judgment
  • Being paranoid or suspicious of people and things
  • Showing confusion or disorientation in surroundings that are not familiar. The person may even wander in an effort to return to familiar surroundings.

People suffering from intermediate age dementia tend to display the following symptoms:

  • The symptoms from early dementia tend to get worse
  • Not being able to do daily living activities without help and assistance
  • Hallucinating
  • Poor concentration and losing interest in the outside world
  • Being aggressive, agitated or indulging in inappropriate sexual behavior
  • Showing inability to learn new things
  • Having disrupted sleep pattern wherein the person tends to have naps during the day and is unable to sleep at nights.
  • Believing that he or she has done or experienced things that never really occurred
  • Suffering from anxiety and/or depression

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Age Dementia Symptoms