Art Therapy For Dementia

Art Therapy For Dementia

When a senior suffers from dementia, he or she not only loses their ability to speak, but they also lose their ability to communicate with people. This can be very frustrating for the person and his or her loved ones. As the person is not able to put their thoughts and feelings into words, he or she can display anger and frustration. However, this need not be the case with your loved one.

Researchers have found that art therapy for dementia is a fantastic way for people suffering from this disorder to express themselves. Using art the person will be able to express what he or she feels even though they are not able to express it in words.

Art therapy for dementia makes use of drawings and colors. It also uses collages, and making figures and shapes using colored paper. Besides, the art therapist may use visual art stimulation to get the patient to create an image so that he or she can begin a non-verbal conversation.

People who suffer from dementia completely lose their verbal skills. According to researchers, art therapy can assist such patients to express their thoughts and feelings. The premise of the therapy is that each person will select a color, shape and line which are closely connected to their unique personality. Then they use the color, shape and/or line to make meaningful patterns to express their own feelings and personality.

Art therapy for dementia goes a long way in improving the quality of life not just of the patient, but also of the caregiver. The patient benefits from the stimulation as it helps with the motor skills, while the caregiver can have a conversation with the patient which is non-verbal in nature. It allows the patient and the caregiver to understand each other and express their feelings, thoughts and emotions.

Research has proven that art therapy for dementia helps to alleviate depression, improve cognition and makes the dementia patient more social.

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Art Therapy For Dementia