When Dementia Turns Violent ?

When Dementia Turns Violent ?

All types of dementia adversely affect a person's cognition, behavior and language abilities. Due to the brain damaged that occurs on account of dementia, it is common to witness violent behavior among such people. However, there are often triggers that bring on the violent behavior, and if these triggers can be controlled, then the violence due to dementia can be controlled to a certain extent.

When dementia turns violent, the last thing you need is impatience. The more impatient you get, the more agitated the person will get. Ultimately, this will lead to a display of violent behavior.

Usually it has been seen that many people suffering from dementia turn violent due to frustration as they are unable to express their thoughts and feelings, or they think that you are deliberately ignoring their feelings. Also, when a person asks the patient a question that they know how to answer but cannot due to their lack of language abilities, it can result in frustration and lead to violence. The same is also true when you subject the person to a series of questions which they cannot answer.

People suffering from dementia tend to hate large crowds and faces that they are not familiar with. So, when they are put into such a situation, they can turn violent.

Those suffering from dementia have no concept of time and space and they feeling that their environment is constantly changing. They do not have short term memory and cannot recall any of the recent events. So, rather than telling a person that you already told them something and they should not keep asking the same thing over and over again, you should be understanding and patient. If you tell them that they already asked something or are repeating themselves, they will get agitated and may turn violent.

When dementia turns violent, the person needs to be handled with a lot of patience and compassion. Try to distract them by singing or giving them their favorite treat to eat. Never try to restrain the person as you or the patient could get hurt. In case the person is chucking things, use something to protect yourself. Usually the chucking episode will fizzle out and the person will not even remember it due to their dementia. Also, speak to the person's doctor and get some medication or tips to prevent the violent behavior.

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When Dementia Turns Violent ?