How Does Fast Food Affect Diabetes

How Does Fast Food Affect Diabetes ?

The hectic life that people are leading today is the main reason for the increase in fast food intake. People are either too tired or busy to cook. So, when they get home or they feel hungry, they just prefer to munch on fast food, which is relatively inexpensive. However, this is also causing a rise in obesity among people which is one of the causes of diabetes. If a person reduces the amount of fast food he/she consumes in a week, it could help in preventing diabetes some time in the future.


Foods, such as French fries, hamburgers, pizzas and chicken wings, are labeled as fast food, as they are easy to prepare and do not cost too much when compared to foods available in a restaurant. However, these fast foods have high calorie content per serving.  

According to many scientific studies conducted on fast foods, there appears to be a connection between diabetes and eating fast foods. One study by the National Heart Lung and Blood Institute which was published on 1 January 2004 shows that young people who regularly eat fast food had a tendency to put on weight and get insulin resistant during early part of their middle age. It should be noted that weight gain as well as insulin resistance are causes of development of diabetes.

In another study conducted by the Center for public Health Policy Research and Policy Link of UCLA, it was found that areas that had more number of fast food avenues were at a high risk of developing diabetes. This is regardless of the community's economic level, ethnicity and gender. The study claimed that that adults living in areas that more fast food stores were 23 percent more likely to get diabetes compared to adults who did not live close or within vicinity of fast food stores.

It is also claimed that African Americans were the biggest consumers of fast food compared to any other ethnic group in the United States. This means that they were more at risk of getting diabetes as a result.

The National Institutes of Health recommends that even if people want to eat fast foods, they should be careful about their portions. They can limit their portions by ordering children's meal, and do away with fat-laden sauces and additives, so that the overall calories of the meal are reduced. It is possible for a person to delay or prevent onset of diabetes by reducing their body weight by five to seven percent and also by reducing the intake of fast food.

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How Does Fast Food Affect Diabetes