Stomach Bypass Surgery And Diabetes

Stomach Bypass Surgery And Diabetes

A stomach bypass surgery, also known as a bariatric surgery, is primarily used on people who are battling severe obesity and associated health problems. However, now this surgery is also being considered as a way to treat patients suffering from Type 2 diabetes.


Researchers believe that stomach bypass surgery could have great benefits for a diabetes patient. Weight loss causes several hormonal and metabolic changes in a person. However, the known side effects are a lot more in this type of surgery. It causes nutrition deficiencies, risk of osteoporosis is increased and developing kidney stones is also a posed danger.

Obesity and diabetes are two different conditions. In a bariatric surgery, the stomach size is reduced and this causes a reduction of appetite. While a diabetic patient needs to reduce his/her appetite, so that their weight is effectively controlled, it does not need a reduction in stomach size entirely. However, who needs a surgery, is entirely dependent on the individual's health.

Typically, a person who has a BMI of over 40 is considered for this kind of surgery. The real question is whether a stomach bypass surgery has any effect on diabetes. According to the American Diabetes Association, out of 1,000 patients who went through this surgery, at least 150 had diabetes. Out of these patients, nearly 83 percent resolved the issues related with diabetes. Overall this study indicated that weight reduction solves many of the problems associated with diabetes.

People who went through this surgery also experienced a decrease in medication for their diabetes. For example, people, who needed 89 percent insulin, decreased the dosage by 72 percent. The question still remains that is the effects attributed to weight loss or decrease in food intake. However, what has to be considered is that diabetes increases unwanted appetite, and thereby causing weight gain. However, if you are an obese diabetic patient, a stomach bypass surgery could have benefits. Otherwise, a condition like diabetes can be managed with lifestyle changes. A person with Type 2 diabetes has to exercise and manage their lifestyle.

Stomach bypass surgery and diabetes directly hold no correlation. They are two different things. A person with diabetes experiences the same symptoms such as an obese person. So doctors are led to believe that such a surgery has greater benefits of a diabetes patient who is overweight.

A lot of help is available for Type 2 Diabetic patients, who are contemplating a bariatric surgery. It is something that is prescribed on a strictly need basis, and the diabetic patient should understand the advantages and disadvantages of the procedure before opting for it.

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Stomach Bypass Surgery And Diabetes